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Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM, LEED AP
Subtle Energy Expert


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Dear Success Seeker,

Some people have so much success, and make it look so easy.  Moving from  goal to goal and reaching each with quiet, cool professionalism.  What is it that they have that others donít?  In a word: Knowledge.  A special knowledge that was formerly reserved for only the few, mighty and wealthy.  How do you think they got that way?  Now it's yours for the asking.

The story you about to hear has changed me in so many remarkable ways that  ever since then Iíve devoted my life to helping people from all walks of life to finding their special, quiet place inside themselves to realize their full potential.  A life worthy of them.

Imagine. . .

The thrill of turning failure into success,

Having more than you need both spiritually and materially,

Being surrounded by the people you love,

Being spiritually connected to those you care most about.

Waking up everyday with a feeling of overflowing joy & happiness,

As a child, you and your friends would gather around and talk for  hours about your future lives, how each of you was destined to do great and wonderful things.  You dreamed of the love and partnerships you would find, which career you would pursue, the places youíd see, what magical wonders your future life had to hold.

Well, you probably already know what has happened since. Real life happened. Commitments of time and energy got in the way and diverted you from your dreams.  Of course, you said to yourself, as I did, that this is only a temporary detour from the main goal, only a short term diversion.  Until the next diversion came, and so on, till you found yourself making so many detours that you lost track of the path you set yourself on long ago.

Although youíve achieve a degree of success in your personal life and career, you feel that something is missing to get you into the zone, what professional athletes call their quiet place. You know itís there for you too, but youíre not quite sure how to get there.

Help Has Arrived

Iím here to help you get from here to there by putting the script to your future into your hands today.  Like you, I found my life turning into an endurance test rather than the exciting voyage I knew it had to be. 

There were some days where it took all of my strength just to drag myself out of bed in the morning. Life seemed to present nothing but an unending line-up of obstacles that drained me of all my energy.  Money worries were heavy, and the patience to deal with them was thin, to put it mildly. In fact I would dread the arrival of the postman since it usually presaged another bill in the mail. Like many others, I often felt like throwing in the towel.

Sound familiar?

Fortunately, thereís good news. Great news, in fact. Not only are you not alone, but youíve got a powerful friend looking to give you a lift and guide you to the direction you set out on long ago. That guide is The Masterís Secret Key, written for people like you.  Like your own personal life coach, it guides you in the right direction and gives you the emotional strength to realize your dreams.

...Hereís a short list of what
The Masterís Secret Key can do for you:

Clear your cluttered mind of negative thoughts patterns that can derail your life.

Shift your energy into Prosperity consciousness,

Feel younger (and look it too) through a new method of being,

Live each day feeling more alive with energy, vitality and optimism,

Start achieving an accomplishing your goals, desires and dreams

Attract new opportunities for spiritual and material growth for you and your family.

The whole list canít really be fully written, since the power of The Masterís Secret Key is as limitless as the forces in the Universe itself. The stars truly are the limit!

What You Really Desire

  Financial stability

  More loving, closer relationships with those you care about 

  Jump start your career 

  Grow and explore more in your personal life. 

  Reduce the hectic pace of your existence

Whatever it is you seek in your life, The Masterís Secret Key can unlock the secret to obtaining your heartís desires and your personal happiness.

The Masterís Secret Key is not just another self improvement eBook.  It uniquely distills the master life lessons of sages from ancient indigenous shamans through mainstream religious traditions to the more modern day spiritual movements that are grounded in natureís mysterious wisdom.

It presents these long established eternal truths in a form familiar to modern minds to unlock the future youíve always known you deserved, but always seemed just out of reach.

Itís been known by a lot of people for a long time that your mind can influence your environment. Whatís less obvious to many is that this principle also works in the other direction.

The spiritual and material realms are both just two sides of the same coin, interacting and influencing each other like two dancers keeping in perfect time with each other. The Masterís Secret Key will introduce you to this beautiful dance.

Listen to the introduction and Part I of "The Master's Secret Key" by clicking here:

Listen to "The Master's Secret Key" Audio Sample


You can click  to download The Masterís Secret Key Now for only $7.00 and get started with your new life immediately.  Most people can read this inspiring story in less than 30 minutes and immediately implement its tenets to start their life on a new track, powered by the natural fuel of emotion that can make every moment of your life burst with enthusiasm!

Harness The Immense Power Of The Universe
To Realize Your Dreams

The world is awash in a vast energy field, like the wind in your hair and the water in the waves.  Like a sailboat on that ocean, if you can harness the power of the wind by aligning your sail in the right way, then your boat can glide across the water effortlessly and gracefully. 

If you think of the boat as your life, and the sail as your mind, then you can understand that the key to moving elegantly forward is all in the orientation of the mind. Get the mind right, and just watch where your life can go!

Of course, seasoned skippers are taught, not born. Anyone can learn to start his life moving in the right direction by recognizing the universal law behind The Masterís Secret Key, and do so with much less work than exhausted rowing like a galley slave of old.  Whatever your personal intentions, The Masterís Secret Key can show you the way to their realization.

The Reins To Your Future
Are At Your Finger tips

"Most people are about as happy
as they make up their minds to be."
Abraham Lincoln

Success and fulfillment are not reserved for the lucky or especially talented.  Just as every acorn has the potential to grow into a mighty oak, every personís life can grow to be a mighty monument to his dreams.

Your Purchase is Backed By...

My Personal 100% Money-Back
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Listen, I want you to be as confident as I am and many other seekers are.  But just in case you wonder whether this timeless classic can really deliver the life youíve been waiting for, let me reassure you. I want to make it foolproof for you.

 Iím so sure about what The Masterís Secret Key can do for you that I will personally offer you a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee! 

If youíre not filled with the energy of love, having increased personal balance or greater personal happiness for any reason at all simply email me to cancel your charge. 

You have my personal guarantee that you will be absolutely amazed by what The Masterís Secret Key will do for you or you will get a full refund.

The truth is, you NEVER have to worry about a refund. Why? Because once you actually put the ingenious strategies and techniques you uncover in The Master's Secret Key to work for you, I'm confident you're going to hardly believe  the jump in your life.

Candace Czarny
Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM. LEED AP
President, Wind & Water, Inc.


What Others Say...

"Profound Tools to Change my Life"

"The Master's Secret Key" provided me with simple yet profound tools to change my mind and change my life"

~Kate McGovern

"Get it today, go home, draw a nice hot bath, and indulge yourself by learning these powerful principles that have the power to absolutely change your life."

"The Master's Secret Key" struck me as God on a Harley meets The Secret with the added bonus of using personal space as a way to achieve all that we want in life. I love it, love it, love it. It fills in a gap for me, creating physical space that more closely reflects the passion of my soul. This book is for anyone interested in making substantive changes in life. My recommendation: Get it today, go home, draw a nice hot bath, and indulge yourself by learning these powerful principles that have the power to absolutely change your life. Then share it with your closest friends and see how their lives also expand and change to allow their dreams to come true.Ē


~Sami Lyn Story, Consultant

"A Wonderful Book"

"The Master's Secret Key is a wonderful book and I enjoyed reading it.  You are so right we need to remind ourselves daily of our thoughts, words, deeds and actions.  I've know this for many years and yet I have periods in my life when I'm better at creating a positive and abundant life vs. one of struggle."


~Sonya Davis

Professionals Use the Masterís Secret Key

"I now have a secret problem solver"

"I was upset about an incident I couldn't get out of my mind - you know the kind.  The Master's Secret Key arrived that very day.  In it, I found a specific solution that worked instantly.  I was amazed-and relaxed.  I now have a "secret problem solver" for the rest of my life!  I'm excited."

~Lin Ennis, Author
Let Your Mortgage Make Your Rich


"The Masterís Secret Key . . . it Empowers Your Life"

"The Masterís Secret Key is amazing,. . . . it empowers your life at its current state as you are reading it . . . .Being a Motivational Speaker as well as a visionary it hit home. The real meaning is simple and can be applied to your daily life."

~Charles Lemley

The Masterís Secret Key Is Already Changing Peopleís Lives

The life changes of The Masterís Secret Key are as varied as the particulars of your own life story. It offers a kaleidoscope of life changing insights that will simply amaze you!

"It actually helped reconcile our marriage"

"I was so taken back by the emotional effect the book had on me. "The Masterís Secret Key was profound for me. I felt it was written for me, and my life situation right now.
No matter what stage of life, or level of consciousness regarding the issues she discusses, this book will have profound meaning and can help anyone who reads it, to totally transform their lives in every way. It actually helped me, and my husband reconcile our marriage. I was not expecting that."


~Charlotte Thomas, Former Attorney, Light Worker

"timeless guide to
joyful living"

"While reading this timeless guide to joyful living I am reminded of my grandsonís beloved treasure chest a small decorated box where he keeps the jewels and trinkets he so values. I believe this guide will be a jewel in my own treasure chest to be held and read often, as a reminder of the eternal truths that hold us and give us the inspiration to be a learned traveler on lifeís path."


 ~Annee Geldert,
 "The Exercise Diva"

"A very worthwhile book that will lead many into deeper study"

"It is a quick and easy read and it is inspiring! The reader comes away with some simple truths and simple tips to begin improving his/her life immediately "

~Celeste Teal, Author

International Businesses Already Achieve Financial Success With The Masterís Secret Key

You might be surprised to find that hard-nosed businessmen throughout the world use the knowledge behind The Masterís Secret Key as an added tool to clinch deals, enhance clout, and expand their operations.  The fame, money and wealth created have been available for the well-connected for thousands of years.

"I just know it brings me money. It's just another element in which you can have the advantage over your competitors."

~Donald Trump, New York Times, September 22, 1994

"The principles are firmly embraced by our global counterparts. We wanted to apply. . . (these) . .  principles to bring maximum prosperity and harmony into the trading room".

~Nancy Wisniewski,
Business Planning Manager for global markets,
Standard Chartered Bank.
New York Post, Sept. 14, 2003

 "You just do it in Hong Kong; it's like an engineering survey."

~William Doyle, Former Chase Manhattan Bank Executive


Canít make it any plainer than that.  Fair enough?

Wait, donít answer yet, I have even more gifts to share with you!.

If you respond within 24 hours...

Get  "The Master's Secret Key" and all these Bonuses valued over $1,000.00 for only $7.00!

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"6 Pre-Made Mind Movies"

A special free gift for you valued at $234 6 pre made mind movies....
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  • Spiritual Fullfillment
  • Health & Fitness
  • Family Relations
  • Perfect Man
  • Perfect Woman

Yours free from our friends at Mind Movies.

Value: $234.00

Bonus:  From: Bob Proctor

"Six Minutes to Success"

Six Minutes to Success is a daily program where members receive an inspirational video from Bob Proctor each day of the week and complete a brief exercise based upon the learning from the video.  If you give Bob Proctor six minutes a day, he can equip you with the tools to change your life for the better in every way.

Value: $39.00

Bonus:  From: Spiritual Change

"Spiritual Change Debt Formula"

The Spiritual Change Debt Formula is the fastest way to get out of debt take control of your financial status and create the freedom that you want to success. Become a lender and not a borrower.

Private Use only. All copyrights reserved.

Value: $19.00

Bonus:  From: Holothink

"Totally Tranquil Rain Stress Relief Program"

Put on your headphones and listen to the soothing sounds of the rain forest. Let yourself be totally relaxed by the Alpha Brainwaves as stress melts away.

Private Use only. All Copyrights Reserved by Holothink Inc.

Value: $47.00


Bonus:  From: Carl Galletti

"Think and Grow Rich"

The number one selp-help classic of all time. Written by Napoleon Hill who, at Andrew Carnegie's suggestion, interviewed 500 of the richest people in his day and put their secrets to wealth and success in this book.

Personal use only. Resale rights available.

Value: $27.00

Bonus:  From: Krystalya Marie

"7 Steps to Peak Performance Energy by Krystalya Marie"

Increase Your Energy with Breakthrough Secrets for Having Peak Performance Energy & Stamina! Learn how your body's energy system works, how blocks in that system deplete your energy and best of all how you can free up your energy, remove the blocks and

Value: $180.00

Bonus:  From: Soul-Felt Words, Inc.

"A Soul-Felt Offer"

Namaste. Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, is President & Founder of Soul-Felt Words, Inc., a spiritually educational company. She is an inspirational writer & spiritual teacher whose divine purpose is to help others remain fully connected to their Highest Self

Join Michelle on a spiritual journey with this complimentary video and fun, free E-Parable that will speak directly to your subconscious mind.

Value: $29.00

Bonus:  From:  Sheryl Jai

"50 Feet In 4 Seconds"

The True Story Of A Leap Into Consciousness and Ultimate Health is a story about a miracle!  This story will teach you how to heal yourself of pain and illness, trust that you are loved beyond any measurement outside of you and believe in yourself and the power that God lives within you. Take this journey with her and pay attention to how you feel as you read the story. It could wake you up and show you how precious your life truly is! 

Value: $22.00


Bonus:  From: Chaney Weiner

"Wealth Mastery Success Mini Course and Coaching Call"

In this mini course and coaching call you learn:

*How to change your negative beliefs
*How to manifest quicker
*How to improve visualization and attract money.
*How to stop feeling overwhelmed
*How to get focused

Value: $47.00


Bonus:  From: The Passion Diva - Lori Smith

"The New Passionate You!"

The New Passionate You! Digital Book and Work book!
This book and workbook combination helps you reach to inside the deepest part of you by experiencing untouched emotions through study and experiential exercises.
    * Understanding yourself
    * Goal setting workshop
    * Strategizing and Action
    * Overcoming setbacks
    * Reinvention
    * Attitude and motivation
Come out the other side of this experience with your Life Purpose and the motivation to follow your dreams!

Value: $27.00

Bonus:  From:   Rhonda Ryder

"The 7 Secrets of Sharing The Law of Attraction with Kids and Teens"

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, teacher or caregiver, this free ebook will
help you share The Law of Attraction with the children and teenagers in your life.
These secrets have transformed thousands of families around the world.
You'll discover how to improve your relationship with your kids and teens in a matter of minutes by doing this one simple practice every day, as well as discover how to become a fantastic role model for your children.

Value: $47.00

Bonus:From: Tom Murasso

"Manifest Relaxation"

 Tom Murasso is self-empowerment author and Universal Principles trainer/speaker. The author of several books on the Art of Conscious Creation, most notably, ''Born to Manifest,'' Tom feels there is an accelerated energy engulfing the planet and seeks to help people raise their conscious awareness and live the lives of their dreams. Tom''s bonus is a  hypnosis/meditation audio MP3 called ''Manifest Relaxation'' and an audio MP3 on the Law of Attraction.

Value: $59.00

Bonus:  From: Ron McIntyre

"Mind without Limits"

From the man whose books inspired the movie ''The Secret'' come three of his most famous and inspiring works, The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great and The Science of Being Well.  These three ebooks explain man''s inherent power and right to be rich, successful and healthy, in addition to  detailing the steps required to get there. 

Value: $29.00

Bonus: From: Tom Justin

"Your Inner Wizard"

''Your Inner Wizard'' is taken from a course That Tom Justin taught at UCLA''s Experimental College. Since then he''s taught this technique to everyone from medical doctors to corporate executives to movie stars, investors, and just everyday people.
This is a useful tool that successful people from all walks of life have learned to use on demand.
You can:
* Learn to use your Intuitive
* Manage stress
* Become more creative
* Read people-Become a human √ truth detector¨?
* Have greater self-confidence
* Make faster and better decisions
* Have greater clarity in your daily life

Value: $24.00

Bonus:  From: Gregg Gillies

"Attractivation Secrets"

Attractivation Secrets discusses the practical science based application of the Law of Attraction.  It is based on a 60 day blueprint that allowed two people to go from broke to a $1.3 million dollar home, from a failing business to a $132,000 gig,from unknown to industry leaderÖ
You'll discover the missing link to the secret that helped two ordinary people manifest all this and more in LESS THAN 30 DAYS!!

Value: $39.00


Bonus:  From: Lana Kravtsova

"Power Visualization Meditation Audio Program"

We all know that visualization is one of the most powerful tools to help us reach any and all of our goals. 
Yet, not many people know how to do it the right way to get quick and consistent results.
This Power Visualization Meditation audio program will put you into alpha state of mind - the most effective state to imprint your goals into your subconscious mind.
It will also guide all the way through visualizing your desires to ensure you maintain super focus and use all five of your senses while doing it - exactly what you need to impress your subconscious and bring you success at lightning speed.

Value: $37.00

Bonus:  From: Yee Shun Jian

"101 Powerful Affirmations"

''101 Powerful Affirmations You Can Start Using Today!'' is a set of amazingly effective affirmations that will help you to easily activate the Law of Attraction so as to bring everything you''ve always wanted into your life and more...
For a limited time only, gain access to this priceless gift from Award-Winning Personal Development Blogger & Life Coach Yee Shun Jian as well as receive a complimentary subscription to the ''Personal Development Tips'' Email Newsletter - packed with practical tips to help you Succeed in Life!

Value: $47.00



You can click   to download The Masterís Secret Key Now for only $7.00 and get started with your new life immediately.  Most people can read this inspiring story in less than 30 minutes and immediately implement its tenets to start their life on a new track, powered by the natural fuel of emotion that can make every moment of your life burst with enthusiasm!

Start Your New Life Today!

The cost of this life changing event, a completely refundable $ !   Thatís less than two latte grandes at Starbucks and it wonít go cold on you either.  On the contrary The Masterís Secret Key is a keeper, something to refer back to time and again to reinforce its powerful tenets as you absorb them into your sub-conscious. 

You can learn the secret to put your life into high gear today.  Most people can read The Masterís Secret Key in about 30 minutes, about the time it would take you to drink those lattes.

This offer is open only for 24 hours due to the large number of bonuses that come with this offer. Many of the authors listed are doubtless familiar to you and have busy schedules of their own.

They were impressed enough with the Masterís Secret Key to offer their own complementary works to help you get the most out of this remarkable book. But they can only offer their remarkable gifts for this limited time, since many will be offered for sale during their own promotions. So time is really of the essence.

You are wondering why this e-Book is so in-expensive.  Well, I want to be part of changing lives and to ensure that as many people as possible have access to this remarkable work, and quite frankly, is about as low as I can go. Remember that this very reasonable price is not only fully refundable, but it comes with all the bonuses absolutely FREE!

Thatís all you need to get started.  30 minutes and seven bucks, a new life in return.  You could spend 30 minutes at a crushingly boring job, watching a TV rerun, or perhaps day-dreaming about the life you wish you had, if only some helpful people would show you the way.

I know the way, because Iíve lived it myself.  An e-book  written to change your life in ways that you can scarcely imagine.  Thatís why Iím so excited about what it can do for you that I want you to try it for yourself. 

A Great Adventure and Treasure Awaits You

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  
Security is mostly a superstition

Helen Keller

Click the link below and you can instantly receive The Masterís Secret Key and open the door to a new life. If you decide itís not for you, simply email us and youíll get your money back with no questions asked. The downloads, remember, are FREE for you to keep.

Transforming your life has never been simpler, more cost effective, and given todayís environment, never more necessary. You owe it to yourself and to your family to try it.  Your sense of wonder and fulfillment can be yours now and kept that way for the rest of your life.

So stop waiting and take action.  If you feel thereís something else out there perhaps that will more likely help you achieve your goals, I say more power to you.  But if you are searching for more out of life, then this special secret can propel you into the life you are meant to have.  

This is your defining moment.  Choose to give yourself and your family the life you deserve.

Seize it!


Blessings, peace, and prosperity,
Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM. LEED AP
Wind & Water, Inc.







Iím writing to you about The Masterís Secret Key to share the secret of how I reinvented my life.  I was so amazed at my life before and after I made my discovery that I decided to show others how they could also help themselves back to that magical place, the magic road map to the express freeway of your dreams. 

P.P.S. Try my 100% money back guarantee offer to see what this remarkable story can do for you, with the free downloads as my personal thank you for trying this exciting journey.  

P.P.P.S. If for any reason you decide that The Masterís Secret Key is not for you, not only do you get your money back without hassle, but you can keep the bonuses without any further obligation. No one will ever call you to bother you. No one!

This is a one-time-offer... never to be repeated again

Get Your Copy Now For Only




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